About Local Insights

Tracey Ford, CEO

For the past 25 years, Tracey Ford has traveled around the world planning events and meetings for high-level government officials. During this time, she witnessed the power of personal encounters to help individuals find common ground.  Reminiscing on her trips, Tracey’s favorite memories are those where she met a local and had a personal connection revealing a more intimate version of the culture that could only be discovered through personal encounters.

Tracey’s passion for travel and cultural discovery is now being leveraged to develop Local Insights, a platform that offers opportunities for Locals and Travelers to have meaningful encounters while supporting at-need communities.

how it started

After moving to Bahrain in the Middle East, Tracey was eager to explore her new home and meet the locals.  Unfortunately connecting with others for a conversation was difficult and the local tour offerings didn’t quite meet her needs.  While studying for her Masters Degree in Social Entrepreneurship, Tracey explored community based tourism and researched how to create opportunities to leverage tourism for social good and eventually Local Insights was born.  By creating connections between individual travelers and locals, Tracey believes we can develop an understanding of each other which will help create understanding and compassion for each other. 

vision, mission, & values


That travel uncovers our similarities and tourism grows as a beneficial industry for marginalized people throughout the world.


To employ marginalized and at-need communities as experts in their hometown for visiting travelers.


Exploration:  Seek new ideas, locations, people, and environments.

Eagerness:  Enthusiastically search for the next moment to learn.

Individuality:  Create a travel culture that caters to an individual, not a stereotype.

Humor:  Everything has an upside; find it, and the fun, in every situation.

Grace:  Allow others to be as they are and learn how to fit into their world.