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What’s in it for me?

In two words, friendship and understanding!  Participating in a Local Insights Encounter is the easiest way to learn about a local culture.  Initially we hope that you have an insightful meeting and leave the encounter feeling like friends.  As you have time to reflect on your encounter, we encourage you to consider how each Local’s perspective may impact your view of the community and your responsibility as a traveler in the wider world.

what makes a good traveler?

Travelers participating in Local Insights encounters are willing to engage with everyday people to learn about their history, their culture, or their way of life.  We ask that travelers approach each encounter with an open mind and a willingness to learn.  Before each encounter travelers will receive background information on the community they will be visiting, more detailed information on the local they are meeting, and some basic cultural etiquitte tips.

Articles, Organizations, & Classes

We encourage you to review the following information to gain a better perspective of how tourism can positively impact the world and how you can use your tourism funds to support local communities.


Travel As a Force For Good: Social Enterprise and Community Impact

International Code for the Protection of Tourists


United Nations World Tourism Organization

The World Tourism Association for Culture & Heritage

Center for Responsible Travel

Tourism Cares


The RISE Travel Institute offers easy to understand courses on being a responsible traveler.  Their mission is to inspire responsible, impactful, sustainable and ethical travel through education.