how tourism boards can partner with local insights

What is Local Insights?

Local Insights is a social enterprise designed specifically to connect travelers and locals for cultural encounters that are deeper than a guidebook.  Through our innovative program, we leverage travelers’ budgets to benefit local people directly, while also supporting employment for marginalized and at-need communities.  We work with local tourism bureaus and travel operators to ensure that our Locals are featured as an alternative to the typical packaged tour.

Why partner with local insights?

It’s easy and there is no cost!  We work with local agencies to identify and train Locals from your area to conduct personal encounters with travelers.  Encounters may be conducted in popular cafes, parks, or other popular locations.  We believe that Local Insights is a perfect supplement to standard tour offerings and our Locals  can provide a depth of understanding to your area otherwise unavailable. We will build a destination page for your area and include relevant facts and information for travelers to include cultural education.  

Is this a tour?

No!  Local Insights is not a tour guiding company.  We believe that getting to know people as individuals makes the world a better place.  We engage with locals who have interesting stories to tell.  Perhaps they have lived in your city for 70 years, perhaps they have an intimate knowledge of a popular attraction, or maybe they have a background others would find interesting.  The options are endless and we ensure every Local’s profile reflects their unique personality.